Synflex™ Prostate Massager

Indulge your innermost desires with the intense sensation of Synflex™, the leading prostate massager & anal vibrator for deep, whole-body orgasms.

Experienced alone or with a partner, the Synflex™ massager takes you to a whole new level of blood-rushing, heart-pounding, breath-taking pleasure. Sinfully playful & naughtily fun, the Synflex™ massager is the kink your sex life screams for.

9 Pleasure Settings With Remote Control
The Synflex™ wand comes with 9 ascending levels of vibration, taking you from zero to YES as quickly or as slowly as you desire. The accompanying remote control offers hands-free use during climatic moments, or the option to yield control to your partner.

Designed to Maximise Whole-Body Pleasure
Expertly curved & contoured to excite multiple sensitive touch points, the Synflex™ wand maximises your pleasure with every single stroke. Its curved shaft with variable girth reaches deep into the prostate, delivering heart-pounding whole-body hands-free orgasms that leave you immeasurably satisfied each & every time.

Deep Penetration & Unrivalled Comfort, Even For Beginners
The Synflex™ wand is wrapped in a silky-smooth & waterproof silicone skin, enabling frictionless maneuverability and keeping you firmly in the grips of adventurous soul-stirring pleasure. After use, simply rinse, wipe clean and countdown the hours until your next Synflex™ experience.

Bedroom Play, Explicitly Redefined
Whether you want to enhance your sex life or you’re simply bored of jerking off, Synflex™ will take you on a journey of orgasmic sexual discovery. Once inserted, Synflex™ remains securely in place, giving you the confidence to move in sync with your emotions or even continue lovemaking. Better yet, yield control of the intensity to your partner with the Synflex™ remote controller.