Wait, before you go...

Modeled from the mouth, ass, and vagina of a real 18 year old college student, the Fleshy™ 3-in-1 male masturbator feels even better than real sex.

The simple-yet-seductively satisfying Fleshy® 3-in-1 Male Masturbator simulates real oral & penetrative sex in lifelike tactility.


Fleshy gives sensual deep-throat blowjobs, never gags, and never – ever – says “NO”.

Realskin™ Silicone

The newest Fleshy® model is made from 100% Realskin™ Silcone technology, ensuring the most lifelike experience on the market

3-in-1 Experience

Fleshy®’s unique 3-in-1 design replicates the lifelike experience of deepthroat blowjobs, tight anal & virgin intercourse

Easy to Clean

Thanks to its Realskin™ Silicone membrand, Fleshy® is 100% hypoallergenic, requiring effortless rinse & wipe cleaning


Fleshy (UK)