A gift for you...

Accept our offer to upgrade to the Fleshy Pro and experience twice the texture and realism for even more mind-blowing orgasms!

We’ve listened to your feedback and have recently upgraded the Fleshy™ so it has twice the internal texture per square inch, resulting in incredibly powerful penile stimulation that will leave you unable to resist plunging yourself deeper and deeper inside until you bust every last drop of your load inside while having the best orgasm of your life.

We plan to begin retailing this new Fleshy model in 4 months, but we’re currently offering all of our loyal customers the ability to upgrade their purchases to this newer model for only £9, a huge discount from the £50+ retail price we’ll soon be selling the new Fleshy at. The product appears identical to the original from the outside — it’s just the interior texturing and material quality that’s been upgraded.

This discount offer is a gift for our loyal customers, not a sales pitch. Please note we do NOT recommend the newer model to men who have issues with premature ejactulation as you won’t be able to last long once you slip inside. The sensation of the new Fleshy wrapped around your hard erect penis can be overwhelming to novices.

If you have purchased multiple Fleshy units, all will be upgraded for one £9 fee. Please let us know if you’d like to upgrade your purchase(s) now.

Fleshy Premium Upgrade (UK)

This is a one-time fee regardless how many units you are orering.
Price will increase in the future.

This offer is optional.